Shahin Sardasht company which produces different kinds of toffee and candy is located in Western Azarbayejan in Iran.

Contact Us Address: Sardasht Industrial Town, Sardasht – City, Western Azerbaijan – province, Iran


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Kaziweh products

Kaziweh products are produced in Iran and made with healthy ingredients and in a hygienic place with natural ingredients.

Kaziweh brand has a wide variety of flavors and packaging that can suit any taste.


Toffee Mint

Toffee Mastic

Toffee Milky

Toffee Butter

Toffee Ginger

Toffee Sour


Double Headed Nutty Fruit Candy

Simple flavored

Single Head Nutty Fruit Candy

Candy Ginger

 Mini Flavored

 Two Headed Fruit Candy with Nuts

Candy Coffee

Candy Sour